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1. Turn off your cell phone. Somehow you survived without one before they were invented. 30 minutes in my chair won't kill you.

2. Be on time. Arriving 10 minutes early in the parking lot and not walking in the door for another 20 minutes does not constitute being on time.

3. If you don't know what you want, come in early to look at some pictures. Don't ask to look at pictures when we're ready to start.

4. Don't change your mind when we are half way done.

5. I'm really not interested in your sex life.

6. Unless your child is getting a service in my salon, leave him or her at HOME. We are not babysitters. The stylist who is waiting for her next patron is not a babysitter. Everything they break, YOU are going to pay for.

7. No, you can not hold your baby on your lap while you are getting a service.

8. Don't bring your 7 other kids to stand around and distract your baby while getting it's first haircut.

9. Other patrons may not think your child is cute. They may be there to relax and not want to know how well they do their ABC's or play PowerRangers with them.

10. All children are cute. Please don't bring in the baby album with 107 pictures of them. I don't have time. This also applies to pictures of your dog or your new motorhome (complete w/pictures of the interior). The tiny little room w/the tiny little toilet doesn't impress me.

11. Be nice to me and I'll be nice to you. Leave your bad day outside.

12. Don't try to impress me by telling me how much money you make. I don't really care. That's my Jag in the parking lot.

13. Don't talk down my profession because you think anyone can do it. Go to SuperDuperFastCuts down the street and you will understand.

14. Don't complain about my prices. (see #13 above).

15. Don't tell me you're in a hurry. If you need to plan your time better, we can always make you another appointment.

16. I'm here 50 hours a week. Don't ask me to come in early for you or stay late.

17. My only job is to make you look better. I can't solve all of your personal or medical problems.

18. No, you can't make 3 appointments and show up for the one that best suites you that day.

19. Don't call 3 days after you didn't show for your appointment and laugh about it. Some shops charge for that.

20. We are professionals. We charge for everything we do. You are paying for my time & expertise. Don't expect me to save you money by cutting corners.

21. Prices go up. Expenses go up. Rent goes up. Just because you are a long time customer doesn't mean it doesn't apply to you.
22. No, I won't come to your house. Never, never, never. Don't ask.

23. Don't bring in a drugstore color and ask me to apply it for you. I'll charge you the same price as a color I do in the shop. So you might as well let me use the good stuff.

24. Don't say "I have to get this, it's important" when you cell phone rings while I'm doing your hair. You're really not as important as you want everyone to think you are.

25. I'm not the bank. You can't write a check for $40 more than the service and expect me to give you the cash back because you don't have time to go to the bank or ATM. (only the bank can give you a cash advance on your credit card, so don't ask me to do that either). On the same note, don't give me a $100 bill to pay for an $8 wax.

26. Tipping is customary in this business. It is a big part of our income. We remember who tips and who does not. Unfortunately over the years we find the people who can least afford it are the best tippers. The braggers are the worst.

27. It is not up to us to discipline your child. Don't say "That man is going to yell at you if you don't behave". Usually I'm just going to ask you to LEAVE until you can control your child. And yes, that might be in the middle of your service.

28. Please don't bring your lunch in with you and expect to eat it while I'm doing you.

29. If you're sitting in the waiting room, please be considerate of other persons sitting there with you. Don't be cursing at someone on your cell phone. And above all, when I call for you, don't ask me to wait a minute until you finish your cell phone call.

30. You won't get a discount if you bring in a "treat" for me. Doesn't matter if you bought it while your were having your lunch somewhere or made it yourself at home. I really don't want it, nor do I have a place to store it till later.

31. You can tell me WHAT you want, but please don't tell me HOW to do it. You wouldn't say that to your doctor or dentist, would you? I am the professional. You are not.

32. I don't care if you're in a hurry. You can't comb out wet hair. (see #15 & #31 above).

33. Don't look at me like I should be happy to give your two year old a haircut when Satan's Child is in major need of an exorcism.

34. I love eldery people. I hope to be one someday. Don't drop off your grandmother and leave her for 4 hours for a 20 minute haircut. It is disrespectfull to her and sometimes awkward for us. Especially if she needs help to use the restroom. Don't expect us to help you get a break from her while you run errands.

35. If the Lord has saved your soul, I'm happy for you. Really I am. But if you try to save MY soul, I promise  you will get a very bad haircut.  Really, I promise.

36. Making an appointment for 3 o'clock means your appointment is at 3 o'clock, not AROUND 3 o'clock.

37. Tipping is appreciated. Please don't give me a copy of todays newspaper as a tip or bring me a Starbucks double chocolate mocha frappiccino. I have a copy of the paper waiting for me when I get home & the coffee gives me gas. Cash is best.




Rules you should follow

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